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2023 CISILE BEIJING көрмесіне шақыру

Жариялау уақыты: 2023-04-27 Қарау саны: 28

2023 CISILE БЕЙЖИНГ Көрмеге шақыру

Welcome to attendCISILE (China National Convention Center)

уақыт: May 10-12,2023

Location: China National Convention Center,Бейжің, Қытай

MKE Үстел: F28, Hall 5.2 A10


Біз сізді жақын арада күтеміз!


The 20th edition of the China International Scientific Instrument and Laboratory Equipment Exhibition (CISILE 2023) is scheduled to take place from May 10-12, 2023, in Beijing. The event is organized by the China Instrument Manufacturers Association, a national industrial organization comprising instrument manufacturers, institutes, universities, and colleges. Currently, the association boasts of 851 group members.


CISILE is a highly anticipated event in the scientific instrument and laboratory equipment industry, providing a platform for industry experts, manufacturers, and suppliers to showcase the latest advancements in technology, products, and services. The exhibition attracts a diverse range of visitors, including researchers, scientists, engineers, laboratory technicians, and industry professionals from all over the world.


The event will feature a series of conferences, seminars, and workshops, covering a wide range of topics related to scientific instruments and laboratory equipment. Attendees will have the opportunity to interact with exhibitors and experts to gain insights into the latest trends and developments in the industry.


CISILE 2023 is expected to be a highly successful event, providing a valuable opportunity for all stakeholders in the industry to network, share knowledge, and explore new business opportunities.

Көрмелер көлемі:

● Analytical and Testing Instrumentation

● Optical Instrumentation, Electronic Optical Instrumentation

● Laboratory Furniture and Equipment and Consumables

● Biochemistry, Life Sciences, Microbiological Detection

● Performance Testing Equipment for Materials Mechanics

● Nondestructive Inspection Instrumentation

● Measuring Instrumentation

● Chemical Reagent & CRMs

● Specialized Instrumentation

● Software and Laboratory Information Management System

● Environmental Monitoring Apparatus

● Instrument Accessories and Spare Parts

2023 CISILE BEIJING көрмесіне шақыру

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